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What makes CruiseQuick Different? CruiseQuick is designed for the avid cruiser who knows the exact ship, date, and cabin type they want. Because of the unique CruiseQuick method of doing business,  we are able to offer some of the lowest prices and best value added in the industry. CruiseQuick offers both restricted and unrestricted fares to save you more.

Discounts vs Value Added vs Shipboard Credit: When CruiseQuick offers a discount it is applied to reduce the cost of your cruise. When CruiseQuick offers a value added promotion (like a specialty dinner for 2) it must be redeemed onboard per the terms of the offer. When CruiseQuick offers a Shipboard Credit it is actually a discount that has been converted to a credit. Most cruise lines require the shipboard credit be used on the ship to make purchases. Some cruise lines allow CruiseQuick to apply the CruiseQuick Shipboard Credits to reduce the final payment. When the Cruise Line offers a Shipboard Credit or a Value Added offer these must be used onboard the ship as per the terms of the offer.  Many times you will be offered a shipboard credit by CruiseQuick and another by the Cruise Line. CruiseQuick shipboard credits can be combined with cruise line shipboard credits. The bottom line is there is very little difference. So why do cruise lines require CruiseQuick to offer Value Added or Shipboard Credits instead of a discount? In most cases it is to prevent confusion in the market place regarding the actual price of the cruise. Cruise lines want to create a level playing field for all agencies and their own in house cruise vacation planners. Be aware...what you see is not always what you get! The price might look the same, but the value added is not the same.


The Best Service In The Industry! 100% of our service is provided by experienced USA based agents. Our service agents average over 25 years experience (per agent) in the retail cruise industry. Most agencies are open 40-45 hours per week,  CruiseQuick answers clients emails (usually within 30 minutes) from 8:00am to 8:30pm weekdays and weekends 9:00am to 5:30pm. CruiseQuick is open 365 days per year! Everything is documented 100% in writing via email. Service is where CruiseQuick excels! If we promise you onboard credit, spa treatments, specialty dinners, etc., it's always in writing and we guarantee the services or we mail your our check.


Don't Call Us!  We do not have a telephone number. Phones are costly and we pass the savings along to you. No mistakes...everything is in writing!  With CruiseQuick you never have to wait for a return call. No playing telephone tag. Answers are emailed and you can get them anywhere and at anytime. These emails document all offers. No "telephone tag game" with CruiseQuick. You have it in writing and we honor it!


No Hidden Fees! CruiseQuick offers two ways to book every cruise. Our Revisable fares offer prices that have no agency penalties to cancel or to make revisions to your cruise. Our QuickSaver fares are lower and are designed for the avid cruiser who knows they will not make any changes or cancel the booking. The QuickSaver fare does have revision and cancel penalties. Cruise line fees and penalties are additional to any applicable QuickSaver fees.


Security and Safety! 100% of all payments are processed directly by the cruise lines and insurance companies. CruiseQuick provides secure payment links and secure online booking engines. We provide you the cruise line confirmation number so you can view your booking on the cruise line site. You can make specialty dining, spa and shore excursion reservations online with the cruise lines.


Cruise Lines reserve the right to re-instate the fuel supplements.   Please check each cruise line site for specific details.