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Answers To Common Questions | CruiseQuick

Coupons And Letters Of Credit
Most coupons, savings certificates, letters of credit, loyalty discounts, dollars off and FCC (future cruise credits) are applied to the base cabin fare by the cruise lines. Because the cruise fare is lowered, the amount of commission earned by the agency is reduced. These items will not only reduce the cruise price, but will also lower the CruiseQuick Value Added Credits or Discount. CruiseQuick can not guarantee the validity of such items. Please read the terms and conditions on each item. You can scan your items (both sides) and email them to . We will submit the items to the cruise line and make any revisions once the cruise line has accepted and applied the item. If you have any questions please contact us.

Hours Of Operation - We Are Open 365 Days Of Every Year!
Monday to Thursday 9:00am to 8:30pm Eastern Time  -  Friday to Sunday and Holidays 9:00am to 6:00pm Eastern Time
Our Automated Booking Engine is also available 24 hours per day / 365 days per year.

What Type Of Cruise Tickets (Documents) Will CruiseQuick Give Me?
CruiseQuick is 100% eDocs (Electronic Cruise Tickets). Our confirmation invoices have links for each cruise line pre-cruise registration sites. Registration is required in order to receive your cruise eDocs.

What Happens After I Book My Cruise With CruiseQuick?
Automated Booking Engine: Email confirmation are sent within minutes. If you purchased optional insurance during the booking process you will receive a separate insurance confirmation from the insurance company within 30 minutes of payment.
Custom Quote Bookings: Within 24 hours of booking you will receive an email confirmation. The email confirmation will contain links to the various cruise line registration site. The email confirmation also includes a secure payment link.

How Do I Make Final Payment?
Every Thursday morning CruiseQuick emails final payment reminder to all clients who have a final payment date within three weeks. This reminder includes a secure payment link. CruiseQuick does not auto charge final payments unless arranged in advance.

Why Is Email Better Than The Phone?
The phone requires a minimum of two people to connect to get an answer. Email allows one to ask the question and the other to answer he question without having to connect with each other. You can call an agency, but that does not mean the person you need is available to take your call. Even if they are available, they might have to research the answer and still get back to you. Then you have to hope the return call comes when you are available. With email your answer will arrive and wait for you. In all our years we have not found anything that could not be done on the phone and also done by email. Our clients think email is better than the phone. You even get a written record.. no communication errors later.. no questions about what was actually said.